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Newton has passenger rail service from Amtrak.

Amtrak Station

The Newton, KS station is a mid-sized historic station. Newton, KS was once an important hub on the ATSF railroad, and its station saw a great amount of passenger traffic. Times have changed, though, and now Amtrak operates out of only part of the station. The rest of it is rented out as office space.

Newton does have a ticket office, though hours may vary. Since the only Amtrak train through Newton passes through in the middle of the night, the ticket office hours are generally only in the early morning hours. Check Amtrak for specifics.


Free short-term parking is available at the station. Free long-term parking is available near the station; the long-term city-operated lot is one block west of the station, on the other side of the payday loan building. Observe the signs, as not all spots in that lot are available for long-term use. If you use the long-term lot, jot down your license plate number before you walk to the station. You will need to register your car once in the station, either by filling out a form or calling 911 using the station phone. (It's a small town; I kid you not.) A sign in the station will direct you what to do.

Newton is the main rail station serving the Wichita area. People as far away as Oklahoma are known to travel to Newton to catch a train.

Local Services

There are several hotels in Newton, along I-135 on the east end of town. One taxi company, OT Cab, operates in Newton. If you plan to use a taxi, call them before you travel to verify their availability at train time. They do not normally operate all night.


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